Whole Foods Market
Allocating and tracking Catering inventory items during the busy holiday season across multi-channel ordering channels. I was the sole designer working on the new tool, collaborating with product management and engineering to develop designs, vision, and prioritize roadmap.

πŸš€ SOON β€” Managing Catering inventory across online and in-store channels.

To facilitate the implementation of a newly developed front-end (powered by Amazon) for ordering Catering on Whole Foods Market's website, it is essential to rebuild the backend infrastructure and Catering inventory tracking capabilities. The goal of accurately allocating and maintaining inventory ensures we do not under or over promise highly desirable items such as the main turkey and family meals to customers. Inaccurate data could result in broken trust with a customer who relied on Whole Foods to provide a holiday meal for their event.

Moderated Concept Testing

Remote Moderated Prototype Evaluation with n=21 customers

Key questions:

  1. What features were users gravitating towards?
  2. What brings them the most hesitation?
  3. How did the site make them feel compared to shopping in-store?
  4. Would they be more likely to use this site or stay on Amazon?
Overwhelming positive feedback proved that customers were interested in the following themes when it comes to shopping for groceries online.
1. Increased Efficiency
2. Inspirational Content and Recommended Items
3. Personalization
4. Brand Recognition

Post Launch

In-store Pickup Location

During store intercepts, customers were not clear where they needed to pick up their order. Store layouts are unique from store to store which makes it difficult to implement a solution across all stores. We worked with Marketing to design clear signage designating where to go after placing the order as well as displaying a map on the confirmation screen.



Full launch Thanksgiving '24

Stay tuned.



Eliminate the need to import inventory data via spreadsheets and integrate with automated purchase orders.


(3-Project Team)‍

Dream Team

Product Design Lead: Hanisha Patel

UX Manager: Natalie Dare

Product Manager: Mark Misudek

Development: WFM and Amazon Engineering

*All images are owned by Whole Foods Market.
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