Introducing a mobile solution for enhancing the luxury living experience of PMG residents.

Property Management Group Vertical Mobile App

We teamed up with Property Market Group to launch an app that caters to residents to looking to enhance their luxury living experience while staying at high rise condos. Users can use the app to enable keyless entry, add and remove visitors, setup thermostat away/home controls and more. I was tasked with structuring the information architecture, creating a system for various branding to flow in and out and delivering final designs for the app.

Moderated Concept Testing

Remote Moderated Prototype Evaluation with n=21 customers

Key questions:

  1. What features were users gravitating towards?
  2. What brings them the most hesitation?
  3. How did the site make them feel compared to shopping in-store?
  4. Would they be more likely to use this site or stay on Amazon?
Overwhelming positive feedback proved that customers were interested in the following themes when it comes to shopping for groceries online.

1. Increased Efficiency
2. Inspirational Content and Recommended Items
3. Personalization
4. Brand Recognition

Post Launch

In-store Pickup Location

During store intercepts, customers were not clear where they needed to pick up their order. Store layouts are unique from store to store which makes it difficult to implement a solution across all stores. We worked with Marketing to design clear signage designating where to go after placing the order as well as displaying a map on the confirmation screen.



400+ downloads

Just a few days after launch we saw active downloads across communities.

"Wonderfully designed and convenient"

Positive affirmations from residents


Push Notifications and In-App Messing

Push notifications for valet updates is a much more seamless experience than opening the app and checking the status. In-app message is still a desirable feature that we will be looking into.

Smart Home Integrations

Many users expressed having other smart home devices that they would like added to their PMG app for a 1-stop shop for smart home management.

(3-Project Team)

Dream Team

Product Design Lead: Hanisha Patel

UX Manager: Kevin Cao

Product Director: Suzy Elizondo

Development: Phunware Eng

*All images are owned by Whole Foods Market.
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