Whole Foods Market
Enabling contactless ordering via mobile order ahead and in-store kiosk ordering to decrease customer-TM interaction while reducing Team Member labor costs.

Providing omni-channel food ordering capabilities during the pandemic.

By enabling mobile order ahead and in-store kiosk ordering in Whole Foods Market stores, we expanded access to our made-to-order lunch & dinner items. Customers can choose how they want to get the items they love and the need for customers to wait in line is eliminated. In-store Team Members can now spend their time preparing orders and providing great customer service instead of taking orders thus reinvesting ~400K hours to other areas of the business.

Moderated Concept Testing

Remote Moderated Prototype Evaluation with n=21 customers

Key questions:

  1. What features were users gravitating towards?
  2. What brings them the most hesitation?
  3. How did the site make them feel compared to shopping in-store?
  4. Would they be more likely to use this site or stay on Amazon?
Overwhelming positive feedback proved that customers were interested in the following themes when it comes to shopping for groceries online.

1. Increased Efficiency
2. Inspirational Content and Recommended Items
3. Personalization
4. Brand Recognition

Post Launch

In-store Pickup Location

During store intercepts, customers were not clear where they needed to pick up their order. Store layouts are unique from store to store which makes it difficult to implement a solution across all stores. We worked with Marketing to design clear signage designating where to go after placing the order as well as displaying a map on the confirmation screen.



1m 37s to Order

Previous orders took an avg of 5-10 minutes during busy peak hours. It now takes less than 2 minutes to place an order.

627 hours saved

Many labor hours are saved and TM’s can better focus on ingredient quality and order accuracy.

120 store launch

Launched seasonal menus in large market stores across the country for both kiosk and mobile order ahead. Sales steadily increased by enabling multiple ordering channels.



Customers liked the option to easily add on complimentary items such as fries with a burger or chips with a sandwich.


Majority of customers expected to pay with other mechanisms and kiosk customers expected to pay to avoid waiting in the checkout line.

SMS Order Updates

Shortly after launch, we fast followed with SMS order updates across app and kiosk.

(3-Project Team)

Dream Team

Product Design Lead: Hanisha Patel

UX Support: Molly Woods

UX Manager: Ryan Hovenweep

Brand Design Support: Colin Decker

Product Managers: Mike Kolarik, Adam Foster, Jaime Sutton and Roshan Jhala

Development: WFM Eng

*All images are owned by Whole Foods Market.
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