I loved to eat my mum's home-made cakes

Choose a coffee-table book and redesign a few inside spreads based on the subject of the book. Challenge yourself to better communicate the essence of the book and demonstrate how you can take the concept and transform it.


Recipe books have always been my favorite type of book in the bookstore. I came across Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson and as I was flipping through, I saw great opportunity for change. I wondered to myself why the name of this book is called Vintage Cakes because none of the existing design choices acted on it. The recipes were the only part of the book that was considered classical; ranging from red velvet to Grandmother’s classic white. I chose to take the beautiful photography and implement a new style that creates a feeling of nostalgia yet still remains contemporary.

An 8x8 coffee-table book­­—good enough to give your mother on her birthday or if you ever feel like baking classic cakes, for your husband. With my redesign, I wanted to keep it tasteful and timeless.