I bought a magazine and it was the worst 5 dollars ever spent

Choose an existing magazine and develop a concept of re-design with expression through experimental typography.


As I was waiting for my flight to Houston, I bought a magazine to pass some time. While flipping through, I became frustrated because every other page was an advertisement. Was this the worst five dollars ever spent? I chose to re-design Nylon magazine and focus on text articles as well as fashion advertisements to draw in my chosen audience. My demographic was young millennials with short attention spans. In order to get them to engage with every page of the magazine, I chose to eliminate any type of grid system. Through various type treatments and an Instagram photo style, I was able to create interesting layouts that allowed teens spend more than ten minutes with their five dollar magazine.

A typographic mess all composed into a 8.5 x 11 magazine. This project allowed me to escape my comfort zone, play with sideways type, and experiment with leading and kerning. Ultimately, it taught me to appreciate traditional typesetting and it's usefulness in regards to readability.