I moved to San Francisco with no clue on how the world works

Choose a brand that is dead, dying or defunct and identify its essence. Revive the brand by developing a new brand identity and by creating brand extensions that open the company to a whole new audience while still remaining true to it’s original purpose.


I chose to re-brand Avon— the largest supplier of women's beauty products in the world. The challenge was to take the brand to a new realm and push its boundaries beyond it's original purpose. The old Avon caters to middle-aged women and offers them entrepreneurial opportunities via connecting to other women in their area. The new Avon seeks to guide young women into adulthood—to a point in life where they can find themselves. I successfully revived Avon from a catalogue on Grandmother’s stool to a service that guides millennial females to a successful, bright future. Through a new logotype, a chic color system and physical brand extensions, I was able to communicate Avon as a trustworthy, friendly and helpful brand for young girls.

We don't disassociate from pink but instead we help steer young girls on to a bright path for a successful, independent future. We encourage them to embrace natural beauty and help their feminine side shine, and to build connections with others based on similarities not differences.