I spent Sunday afternoon in a cafe, drinking a latte

Choose a small business in San Francisco and create a re-design of their current website accompanied with a responsive mobile experience.

As I was sitting in Sugarlump Cafe on 24th and Mission, I was brainstorming  businesses that had websites in need of refreshment. I pondered over Sugarlump’s website and noticed that the site did not reflect the ambiance of the coffeeshop I was sitting in. I took my personal experience as an opportunity to market Sugarlump online and show what they are best at: organic coffee and the supporting of local artists. Through friendly photography and a coffee-esque color palette, I revamped Sugarlump to stay true to who they are and what they offer.

Many independent coffee shops have no marketing or design budgets. They thrive via word of mouth advertising and a craftsmans passion for the product.  An engaging web presence is not typically sought after and as a result, I took this opportunity to lift Sugarlump out of the analog age, and drive them into the digital realm.


The Sugarlump Coffee and Cafe mobile experience.