I watched my dad plant seeds in our yard in South Arkansas

To choose a problem and a conceptual design solution that visually communicates through a hypothetical brand. This brand is accompanied with a set of deliverables that range from informational, retail and promotional materials.

The US Center for Disease Control says one in three Americans are obese and only 25% of adults consume the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables. Growing up in Arkansas and now living in San Francisco, I noticed the extreme lack of space. I created One Seed, a brand that promotes indoor gardening to urban residents. The company paves the way for a much healthier lifestyle for a fraction of the cost compared with organic local farmers. Provided that the right tools and education are given to start.

When creating a mood board and color palette for this project, I was inspired by terracotta pots, sweet yellow bell peppers and mint leaves for something inviting and fresh. One Seed is ideal for a college student who wants to step away from ramen or a Grandmother looking for a new hobby.