I began to tear each petal one by one only to realize what I've done

Choose a subject of choice and express it conceptually through experimental typography. Final deliverable is in the form of two posters.

Nature has always been something that makes me love life; I swoon over grand views, bright flower bouquets on Valentines day and serene bodies of water that make you think about life and all its wonders. Through this project, I chose to focus on the freshness of life but countered by the slow transition to death. Through plucking flowers from their original state and letting them go through a natural process of wilting, I was able to show that everything comes to an end, and when one life ends, another begins.

Since I have never had the expertise to create beautiful typography by hand like Jessica Hiche, I saw this as a great opportunity to create thought provoking work, behind which, a powerful story existed. It wasn’t until I let a bag of flowers die in my apartment, that I figured out what I was trying to convey. By allowing myself to escape my desk and explore the outdoors, I came to appreciate the briefness of life.